Our Proud History

J K Fasham Pty Ltd was founded by Keith and John Fasham in 1975, at Graham Road Westall, Victoria.

Keith became involved in constructing modern large-scale sculptures in 1969,  becoming an essential component in the evolution of Australian sculpture fabrication. He was a pioneer in the realisation of these early works and took a keen interest in each sculpture. At the time of Keith’s passing in 1988 there were eight large-scale sculptures in production for Australia’s Bicentennial year.  Following Keith’s passing, John successfully and competently continued the fabrication of these sculptures, and then further evolved this aspect of the Company.

John’s knowledge, experience and ability to think laterally has enabled many sculptors to realise their dream and see their sculptures fabricated in a large scale.  John’s appreciation, understanding and expertise has proven to be a tremendous asset to the Company.  Ben Fasham has been fortunate to work alongside John for many years gaining valuable knowledge, and shares John’s passion with regard to sculpture.  J K Fasham Pty Ltd is still very much a family run business with both Ben Fasham and Sonya Stent (Fasham) taking the business into the future.

Established and Seasoned Expertise

J K Fasham Pty Ltd has been in the business of producing architectural metal fabrication and sculptures for five decades, so our experience is extensive and well-established. Our facility in Clayton South makes it possible for us to fabricate and store artwork of large scale.

The scope of our expertise is not restricted to manufacturing alone. In addition to this, we have the ability to prepare and pour concrete footings, transport and install sculptures, as well as facilitating project management and direction of any other trades that may be required.

Venturing to Sculpture

In 1969 Vincas Jomantas was awarded the ‘Comalco Invitation Award for Sculpture in Aluminium’, with a concept to install a 22 foot long screen in the Australian Embassy Washington.  Comalco recommended that Vincas Jomantas approach Keith Fasham, who was heavily involved in the fabrication of Aluminium Windows.   Keith Fasham was able to adapt his knowledge of aluminium and fabrication and thus the Fasham link with sculpture started.  Following this fabrication we worked closely with Inge King on the fabrication of the ‘RAAF Memorial’ in Canberra and then ‘Forward Surge’ located at Arts Centre Melbourne.  These were the first of numerous sculptures associated with Keith Fasham, followed by John and Ben Fasham.

Sculptures on the Move

More recently, our firm has become well-known for our “Sculptures on the Move” service, which entails relocating sculptures. We have strong relationships with the National Gallery of Australia, National Gallery of Victoria, Heide Gallery, McClelland Gallery and other private collections around Australia.

We assisted in setting up the Rodin sculpture “A Magnificent Obsession” at the McClelland Gallery, the 8 metre tall KAWS sculpture at the National Gallery of Victoria, and the Barnett Newman “Broken Obelisk” at the National Gallery of Australia.

Trusted by the Names in the Industry

Since 1969, we have accumulated a list of Australian and international artists with whom we have worked closely, either fabricating sculptures or transporting and installing in their respective spaces.

Some of these artists include Vincas Jomantas, Inge King, Lenton Parr, Deborah Halpern, James Parrett, Norma Redpath, Jan Senberg, Clement Meadmore, Gary Deirmenjian, William Eicholtz, Edward Ginger, Bart Sanciolo, Richard Goodwin, Robert Bridgewater, Andrew Rogers, Anthony Pryor, Geoff Bartlett, Dan Wolmering, Simon Perry, Emily Floyd, Louise Paramor, Ronnie Van Hout to name a few.

Well-Known Accomplishments

Inge King’s ‘Forward Surge’ at the Arts Centre is an iconic sculpture in Melbourne, which we are proud to have fabricated.  Tony Pryor’s sculpture, “Legend”, is another notable accomplishments in sculpture fabrication.  This is a striking sculpture, located just beyond the M.C.G.’s Southern Stand. In addition to his previous works, Simon Perry’s “Threaded Fields” located at Docklands, consists of seven large individual elements, becoming one of the most extensive sculptures we have fabricated.

John Fasham contributed significantly to the selection of the four Major Artworks that would be installed on EastLink, and went on to project manage the design, manufacture, and installation of all four Major Artworks.

On Peninsula Link, we were responsible for fabricating and installing Louise Paramor’s “Panorama Station” which is the only permanent sculpture on Peninsula Link.  The Southern Way McClelland Commission has an ongoing program where sculptures are installed for a period of four years.  J K Fasham Pty Ltd enjoy the challenge of installing and the subsequent relocation of these iconic contemporary sculptures.  To date they include Dean Colls “Rex Australia: The King is dead, long live the King”, Phil Price “Tree of Life”, Gregor Kregar “Reflective Lullaby”, Michael Riddle “Iconoclast”, John Meade and Emily Karanikolopoulos “Love Flower” and Manon Van Kouswijk “Peninsula Pearls”.

In the field of public art in Australia, we have established ourselves as a vital institution to be reckoned with due to our reputation for working compassionately with artists to help them realise their vision.