Seamless Sculpture Relocation: Basic Strategies for Damage Control

09 July 2024

Discover essential tips for safe sculpture relocation throughout Victoria with JK Fasham. Learn how to protect your artwork during the moving process. As passionate advocates for the arts, we at JK Fasham understand the immense value and significance that sculptures hold. These magnificent works of […]

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Sculpture Restoration Services: JK Fasham’s Expertise in Preserving Masterpieces

26 June 2024

Breathe new life into your sculptures with JK Fasham’s meticulous restoration services. Sculpture Restoration, ensuring their longevity for generations. JK Fasham is a leading expert in sculpture restoration, offering a comprehensive range of services to preserve and revitalise sculptures of all sizes and materials. With […]

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Sculpture Art Installation: The Art that Harmonizes with the Great Outdoors

11 June 2024

Discover how sculpture art installation can transform outdoor blend seamlessly with nature, creating captivating outdoor spaces that inspire awe and wonder. Explore the beauty of art in nature. Sculpture art installations can blend naturally with the environment in such a way that they make outdoor […]

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J.K. Fasham, Architectural Metal Fabricators: Sculpting Melbourne’s Cityscape

28 May 2024

Discover J.K. Fasham, Melbourne’s premier architectural metal fabricators, shaping the cityscape with our iconic designs and craftsmanship. Contact us now! From the soaring spires of Melbourne’s iconic landmarks to the intricate details adorning its public spaces, metal fabrication has played a pivotal role in shaping […]

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The Process of Sculpture Restoration: Preserving Copper Masterpieces

09 May 2024

Know the intricate process of sculpture restoration by JK Fasham. Trust our skilled artisans when it comes to taking care of and preserving copper masterpieces. Sculpture restoration is a delicate art form that requires a blend of technical expertise, artistic sensitivity, and historical knowledge. Copper […]

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