Sculpture Restoration

Sculpture, like all physical things, inevitably degrades.  We are committed to the authentic restoration of sculptures, and with every sculpture restoration, the integrity of the piece is of utmost importance.  We have over 50 years experience in the restoration, refurbishment, refinishing and repair of small and large sculptures, working with various materials including stainless steel, steel, aluminium, bronze, copper, wood and fibreglass.

Expert restoration starts with correctly diagnosing the nature and cause of the damage.  From there we are able to proceed with a treatment plan.  Sculpture restoration treatments can include cleaning, repairing broken elements or repairs to boost structural integrity, restoring finishes using specialist techniques depending on the material.  We seek to return each sculpture we work on to the artist’s intended specifications, employing minimally appropriate intervention.

Our team has completed a variety of sculpture restoration projects that range from routine sculpture cleaning and maintenance to repairs and fabrication of replacement parts.  Common sculpture repairs have included the treatment of corrosion, cracks, flaking paint and bronze sculpture patination.

We are happy to restore both small and large scale sculpture, from public and private collections.