Large-Scale Sculpture Relocation: Logistics for Relocating Oversized Artworks

07 March 2024

sculpture relocation

Transport oversized artworks to new locations safely and efficiently with sculpture relocation by JK Fasham. Discover the logistics of relocating them.

When relocating large-scale sculptures, one must opt for the right sculpture relocation service to ensure they will be transported efficiently and safely. Moving oversized artworks like monumental statues or intricate installations to another location, after all, requires meticulous planning, specialised equipment, and experienced professionals. It often involves navigating logistical challenges and implementing careful handling techniques.

If you will be moving large-scale sculptures from one place to another, you can work with our professional team at JK Fasham. In relocating oversized artworks, we ensure to carry out the following steps to ensure their proper and safe transportation to new destinations.

Planning and Preparation

Our sculpture relocation process begins with thorough planning and preparation to assess the size, weight, and structural integrity of the sculpture. We also check the logistical requirements for its transport. We conduct site evaluations to determine the accessibility of the sculpture’s current location and the destination site, taking into account factors like road access, terrain, and potential obstacles.

Custom Transport Selection

Transporting large-scale sculptures requires specialised equipment and transport solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each artwork. Depending on the size and weight of your sculpture, some options we can maximise are flatbed trucks, cranes, hydraulic trailers, and custom-built crates or containers designed to securely hold your oversized sculpture in place during transit.

Safety and Security

Safety is important when relocating large sculptures. Hence, we follow rigorous safety protocols throughout the relocation process. Our expert team carefully lifts and secures the sculpture onto the transport vehicle, ensuring proper weight distribution and stability to prevent shifting or damage during transit. Additional measures, such as securing protective padding and using vibration-dampening materials, are also implemented to reduce the risk of damage from road vibrations and bumps.

Coordination and Communication

Effective coordination and communication are essential components of successful sculpture relocation projects. Close collaboration between you and our team ensures that all stakeholders are informed and aligned throughout the process. Clear communication channels and contingency plans help address any unforeseen challenges or delays that may arise during transit.

Site Preparation and Installation

Upon arrival at the destination site, the sculpture is carefully unloaded and prepared for installation. Site preparation may involve excavation, foundation construction, and structural reinforcement to support the weight and stability of the sculpture. We take advantage of cranes, hoists, and specialised lifting equipment to carefully position the sculpture based on the artist’s specifications, ensuring proper alignment and presentation.

Large-scale sculpture relocation by JK Fasham involves careful planning, specialised equipment, and expert execution to ensure the safe and successful transport of oversized artworks. From meticulous site evaluations and customised transport solutions to rigorous safety protocols and coordinated communication, every aspect of the relocation process is carefully orchestrated to safeguard the integrity and beauty of the sculptures.

By partnering with us and adhering to best practices, you can confidently relocate large sculptures to new locations, preserving their overall cultural significance and artistic value.

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