Sculpture Installation by JK Fasham: Why Concrete Footings Are Essential

01 December 2023

sculpture installation

Ensure a successful sculpture installation with concrete footings. Carried out by JK Fasham, learn how they provide stability and longevity. Call 03 9547 5077.

Sculptures, whether they are small decorative pieces or large outdoor artworks, must be installed properly to avoid any issues along the way. After all, they take a lot of time, effort, and materials to be produced. One way to ensure they will be installed properly is through the addition of concrete footings. These essential foundations play a significant role in securing the longevity, stability, and overall impact of your beloved sculptures.

Here are some reasons why concrete footings are essential in sculpture installation.

Ensure Balance

One of the primary reasons why concrete footings are essential in sculpture installation is balance. Sculptures, especially large and heavier ones, need a solid and secure base to prevent them from toppling over due to external forces like rain, wind, or accidental contact. Concrete footings provide this stability and balance, ensuring your artwork remains upright and well-balanced.

Distribute Weight

Concrete footings can also help distribute the weight of the sculpture evenly across the ground. This functionality is particularly important for larger sculptures, as concentrated weight in a small area can lead to sinking or tilting over time. By spreading the sculpture’s weight over a wider surface area, concrete footings can reduce the risk of damage to both the artwork and the ground beneath it.

Prevent Subsidence

Over time, natural processes like soil settling and erosion can lead to subsidence, where the ground sinks or shifts. Concrete footings can counteract these effects by providing a stable base that resists subsidence, which ensures your sculptures maintain their original positioning and appearance.

Provide Customisation

Concrete footings can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your sculpture. Whether your artwork requires a shallow footing for a small garden piece or a deep footing for a large outdoor installation, concrete can be adapted to provide the right level of support.

Increase Longevity

Concrete is known for its durability and resistance to environmental factors. When properly installed, concrete footings can withstand exposure to moisture, temperature fluctuations, and other weather-related challenges, translating into increased longevity for your sculptures. This functionality can also help preserve their aesthetic appeal for years to come.

Simplify Maintenance

In addition to installation, concrete footings also facilitate maintenance. They create a clear separation between the sculpture and the ground, making it easier to access the artwork for cleaning, repairs, or modifications. This functionality is crucial for preserving the sculpture’s beauty and structural integrity.

Grant Sustainability

Concrete footings are designed to be environmentally friendly, with minimal impact on the surrounding ecosystem. Properly installed footings prevent ground disturbance and soil erosion, contributing to the sustainability of outdoor sculpture installations.

Concrete footings are an essential component of sculpture installation, offering stability, durability, and longevity to your artistic creations. At JK Fasham, we understand the significance of these footings. Hence, we carry out the installation of sculptures alongside concrete footings to help showcase the former in the best possible way and ensure they stand the test of time for everyone to appreciate fully.

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