Sculpture Installation: JK Fasham Sets Standards for Expert Craftsmanship

08 January 2024

Elevate your space in Victoria with a sculpture installation by JK Fasham. Discover how we set standards for expert craftsmanship. Call us at (03) 9547 5077.

The installation of sculptures is an art form in itself as it requires a delicate balance of creativity, precision, and technical expertise. When bringing sculptures to life in a variety of environments, experts like us at JK Fasham play a vital role in setting standards for expert craftsmanship. Through our decades of experience in installing, moving, and storing sculptures, we have obtained all the necessary knowledge and expertise to transform spaces with artistic excellence.

Here are some ways JK Fasham sets standards for expert craftsmanship.

Understand the Vision

Before the installation begins, JK Fasham works closely with architects, stakeholders, and even artists to understand the vision and concept behind the artwork. We take a deep dive into the artistic intent, the message conveyed by the sculpture, and its intended impact on the space before moving into the next phases of the sculpture installation.

Assess the Site

A vital step in sculpture installation is conducting a comprehensive site assessment. We evaluate the installation site, considering factors such as landscape, lighting, and environmental conditions. This analysis informs the planning phase, where our team create a detailed installation strategy, including the positioning, anchoring, and structural requirements for the sculpture.

Ensure Structural Integrity

The successful installation of a sculpture hinges on robust structural engineering. Our team at JK Fasham assesses the weight, dimensions, and materials of the sculpture to determine the most secure anchoring methods. The structural integrity of the sculpture installation is significant to ensure the safety of the artwork and those who interact with it.

Conduct Rigging and Lifting

The handling of sculptures demands specialised rigging and lifting techniques. We are well-versed in using cranes, hoists, and rigging equipment to manoeuvre sculptures into position safely. Precision is key, especially when dealing with sculptures that have intricate details or unconventional shapes.

Preserve Artwork

JK Fasham is mindful of the preservation and conservation of the artwork. Hence, we implement protective measures during the installation process to prevent damage. Additionally, we may recommend ongoing maintenance and upkeep practices to safeguard the longevity of the sculpture.

Adhere to Regulations

For sculptures placed in public spaces, ensuring public safety is a top priority. We adhere to local regulations and safety standards to create installations that are both visually stunning and compliant with public safety requirements. We consider factors such as accessibility, structural stability, and emergency planning to ensure proper sculpture installation.

Maintain Documentation

JK Fasham maintains detailed documentation of the installation process since it serves as a valuable resource for future reference. Documentation provides insights into the techniques used, materials employed, and any specific considerations that may be relevant for upkeep or potential relocations.

Sculpture installation by JK Fasham is a process that demands a harmonious blend of artistic appreciation and technical proficiency. We set high standards for expert craftsmanship by approaching each installation as a unique and intricate project. From the initial conceptualisation to the final positioning of the sculpture, we contribute to the seamless integration of art into diverse environments, leaving an indelible mark on the visual and cultural landscape.

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