Sculpture Relocation by JK Fasham: Let Experts Ensure a Smooth Move

04 December 2023

sculpture relocation

Trust JK Fasham for a seamless sculpture relocation. Discover the art and science behind relocating art pieces by professionals. Call us at (03) 9547 5077.

Whether they are valuable artworks or cherished personal pieces, moving sculptures require care, precision, and a solid understanding of both art and logistics. Sculpture relocation is a delicate dance between the aesthetic and the practical, and entrusting experts like us at JK Fasham to manage this process guarantees a smooth and safe transition of these artistic treasures.

Quality Sculpture Relocation by JK Fasham

Sculptures come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, each requiring unique handling and transport considerations. When you decide to relocate a sculpture, involving JK Fasham is a smart choice for your beloved art piece.

JK Fasham, after all, has an intimate understanding of various sculpture materials like marble, bronze, and contemporary mixed media. We know how to handle and protect each piece during the move. And for fragile or valuable sculptures, we can store them in crates that can provide optimal protection, ensuring your sculptures arrive intact at their intended destination. We can then manage everything from transportation and scheduling to requirements, ensuring a seamless process.

All the experience of JK Fasham allows us to work with a variety of clients in Australia. We even have close ties with the National Gallery of Australia, National Gallery of Victoria, Heide Gallery, McClelland Gallery, and other private collections around Australia.

Safe Transport of Sculptures is Significant

JK Fasham leverages a variety of techniques and technologies to guarantee the safety and security of your sculptures during transit.

First, we use the latest and most secure packing materials to effectively store sculptures within their crates and stabilise them effectively. Second, we utilise specialised equipment like cranes to effectively lift and move large and heavy sculptures, ensuring their safe handling and loading onto vehicles. Speaking of vehicles, we maximise vehicles designed to transport art safely. They feature shock absorption and security features to make sure your sculptures remain free from damage and theft. Now, before the arrival of the sculptures at their new location, we can prepare and pour concrete footings to effectively secure them once they reach their new home.

Our processes have allowed us to move and set up the Rodin sculpture “A Magnificent Obsession” at the McClelland Gallery, the 8-metre tall KAWS sculpture at the National Gallery of Victoria, and the Barnett Newman “Broken Obelisk” at the National Gallery of Australia

The Importance of Art Handling by Experts

JK Fasham’s team is trained to navigate the delicate process of sculpture relocation. We follow best practices to minimise risk and ensure a successful move.

We begin the process by evaluating the specific needs of the move and plan the relocation of the involved sculptures accordingly. We then execute the loading and unloading of sculptures with precision to prevent damage. Attentive care at every step of the relocation process is subsequently present, making sure sculptures will be protected from packing to installation.

Sculpture relocation is a specialised art process that ensures your sculptures are handled with the care and precision they deserve. Whether you are moving priceless artworks or beloved personal pieces, sculpture relocation services by JK Fasham can guarantee a smooth and safe transition, preserving the beauty and integrity of your sculptures throughout the journey.

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